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11 Best Equalizer Apps For Android To Play With Music In Your Phone

Majority of the smartphones nowadays come pre-installed with an equalizer. But if you’re an audiophile like me, then you’d perhaps find it inadequate for your listening needs. Thankfully, Android has made it possible to customize the ‘sound’ aspect, augmenting your mobile phone experience.

If you’re unfamiliar, equalizers serve as a way to “equalize” or balance out sound frequencies by simply making a few tweaks. You can either “boost” or “cut” the frequency ranges (treble/bass) to your liking, until the original piece sounds perfect to your ears. Equalizers are especially useful for those who use headphones.

Though there are plenty of equalizer apps available on Android, only a few make the cut. We’ve rounded up the best ones for you, considering their user-ratings and based on our personal experience. You may also like these best music downloader for Android.

best equalizer apps for android

1. Music Equalizer:

Developed by PerfectionHolic, Music Equalizer let’s you complement the sound quality of your Android device for free. It features a 5-band equalizer with volume controls, bass boost, virtualizer effects, and a four-by-one widget. Other than that, it offers 10 equalizer presets while allowing users to create customized presets as per their personal preferences. Though the app is free to use, you’ll have to purchase the paid version ($1.99) for an ad-free experience.

Music Equalizer
Music Equalizer
Price: Free

2. Equalizer FX:

You may have heard of the popular app, Equalizer. Well, Equalizer FX is a bettered version of that app. This app too, is free to download and use, with an optional ad-free upgrade available at $1.99. Similar to Music Equalizer, Equalizer FX also comes with a 5-band equalizer, virtualizer effects, bass boost, and a loudness enhancer (works on Android 4.4+). It also has 12 presets with the ability to customize your own. The app is supported across streaming services such as TuneIn, VK, and Spotify.

Equalizer FX
Equalizer FX
Developer: devdnua
Price: Free

3. Viper4Android (for Rooted devices only):

Viper4Android, commonly referred to as the V4A app, is an unparalleled equalizer, in that it offers a staggering 10-band equalizer, sophisticated effects, advanced settings, and a legion of presets. If you prefer to use something more premium that gives you a greater equalizer-control, then V4A is the one to go for. However, the downside of this app is that it isn’t officially available on the Play Store; which means that you’ll have to install the APK file from a 3rd-party site and that may seem a little tedious. But once that is done, we guarantee that you will love it. Unfortunately, this app is only meant for root users which is equivalent of jail-breaking an iPhone.

Download Apk

4. Equalizer and Bass Booster:

Coming from the house of ‘Coocent’, Equalizer & Bass Booster (Bass EQ), is yet another awesome equalizer app with an excellent user-rating of 4.5-stars. This app is available on the Play Store for free, albeit, with ads. However, if you don’t mind spending a little to get rid of those pesky ads, you can upgrade to the Pro version. Equalizer & Bass Booster boasts of a smooth and sophisticated UI while offering features like 10 equalizer presets, volume control, bass boost effect, 5-band equalizer, and virtualizer effect.

Equalizer & Bass Booster
Equalizer & Bass Booster
Developer: Coocent
Price: Free

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5. Dub Music Player:

As the name suggests, Dub Music Player is branded as an ‘offline’ music player rather then an equalizer. The reason you see this app on our list is because it offers all the features that you get with an equalizer app. Dub Music Player comes with 5-band equalizer, 9 presets, preset customization capabilities, loudness enhancer, pitch control, bass boost, speed control, virtualizer, and more. It supports most of the audio formats including WAV, FLAC, MP3, MIDI, 3GP, and AAC.

6. Music Volume EQ:

Music Volume EQ is quite a popular equalizer app in the Android world. It offers a bunch of features including a 5-band music equalizer, 9 presets with options to customize, 3D virtualizer effects, bass booster, stereo led VU meter, home screen widget, volume control, loudness enhancer, and live wallpapers. This is especially great if you use hifi headphones. You can play your favorite songs from your library using your go-to Mp3 players as the app is supported across several Android music, audio, and video players.

7. PowerAmp:

PowerAmp is a relatively advanced equalizer that features a timer, 5-band frequency range, crossfade, stunning visual themes, separate bass and treble controls, and a myriad preset. It is compatible with various sound formats including MP3, MP4, M4a, FLAC, MPC, AIFF, WAV, APE, WV, and TTA. PowerAmp offers both, a free (trial) as well as a pro version (separate app). The trial version gives you access to all its features for 15 days. After that, you can either discontinue their services or upgrade to the pro version ($3.99) if you like the experience.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
Developer: Max MP
Price: Free

8. Pi Music Player:

With a superlative user-rating of 4.8, you can be rest assured that Pi Music Player means quality! Though this app is essentially an incredible music player, it does feature an in-built equalizer with functions such as 5-band equalizer, bass boost, 3D reverb effects, 10 presets, and virtualizer. Other than that it also has audiobooks and podcast support, sleep timer, ringtone cutter, and widget support. You can get for free, as long as you don’t mind the ads.

9. Headphones Equalizer:

Got a high-end pair of headphones? If yes, then do give this app a try. With Headphones Equalizer, you can now augment the sound quality of your already well-optimized headphones, irrespective of its brand and model. Some of its features include headphone calibration, headphone correction, bass boost, 3-knob frequency adjuster, auto-genre, in-built music player, volume control, and more.

10. Bass Booster:

A product of Desaxed Studios, Bass Booster is an ad-supported equalizer that comes with as many as 20 presets, 5-6 band equalizer (depending upon your smartphone), bass booster, widgets, tasker plugin, visualizer, virtualizer, and 4 themes, reverb. However, you must note that many of these features can only be unlocked upon purchasing the pro version.

Bass Booster
Bass Booster
Developer: Desaxed Studios
Price: Free

11. Volume Booster:

As the name suggests, Volume Booster serves as a great app to boost the sound on your phone speakers/headphones while you’re listening to your favorite music, movies, or audiobooks. This app sets itself slightly apart in that it works primarily as a volume booster rather than a music player or an equalizer. But if you’re someone who is looking for a free and simple app with basic functions, this is a decent option. A word of caution – setting really high volumes may destroy your speakers or damage your ears.

Volume Booster GOODEV
Volume Booster GOODEV
Developer: GOODEV
Price: Free


The aforementioned apps are all pretty awesome and get the job done. A few other notable equalizer apps are Neutralizer, 10 band equalizer, equalizer by ping pong, and AnEq. You can check those out as well. Majority of the equalizer apps are free to download and use. However, they’re plagued with ads. If you’re a serious music lover, team of Dreamy Tricks recommend that you purchase the pro version which is usually priced quite reasonably.


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