Thursday , December 7 2023

5 Delicious Yet Healthy Foods That You Must Try

If you’re on a rigorous diet, your taste buds may be craving some good (read: delicious) food. Since health and taste don’t go hand in hand, it might get difficult to stay fit and still indulge in tasty food. Well, with these five treats you get to have something that is healthy yet delicious.

Drool on Garanola!

Granola bars are your saviour when hunger knocks your stomach. Made from healthy and basic ingredients, they have just the right amount of sugar to make your hunger go away.

Peanut Butter and Bread

If you have been underestimating peanut butter as just a kid’s thing, it’s time you got a reality check. Including elements such as Vitamin E, Iron and Protein, peanut butter will fulfill your health goals while treating your taste buds.

Yummy Hummus!

The best source of Fibre, Iron, Folate and many other nutrients, hummus is the tastiest thing to have as a healthy snack. Try it out with some crackers and you’re guaranteed to make it a part of your everyday diet.

Oatmeal and Egg

It’s time to forget that boring porridge and instead try something new which is healthier and far tastier. A bowl of oatmeal with soft cooked eggs is what you need to treat your taste buds right and keep your health on track.

Greek Yogurt

Its healthily tasty!

It’s healthily tasty!

Yogurt is already a tasty thing to have but when it comes to Greek Yogurt, taste and health reach another level. Consisting of double the amount of Protein as normal yogurt, it’s a must have to balance your diet in a scrumptious manner.

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