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5 tricks to Boost Wi-Fi Signal on laptop by 500%

So guys, We Dreamy Tricks is back with amazing post on how to boost wifi signal on laptop.The methods to increase wifi signal which We are listing below are hand picked by team of Dreamy Tricks on special request. As, you know the Wifi Radio of laptop is much stronger than that of smartphone. So, If you are not receiving signals of hotspot, then its time to follow methods to boost wifi signal of your laptop.

boost wifi signals

So, If you are too much near to your WiFi hotspot then its time take some action. There can be many things which can cause this problem. So guys, get ready to implement below tricks to wifi signal.

Tricks to boost Wifi signal:

1. Disable Network Hogs:

This is one of working tip to boost WiFi signal. Open Task Manager of your laptop and Disable or kill any unnecessary service or software which will boost performance of your laptop as well. This method works as it will kill unnecessary service which is consuming network.

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2. Upgrade Wifi Router:

Most of new generation laptops are using 802.11g or 802.11n to get maximum Wifi signals. So, if your laptop has old chip of Wifi, then its time to upgrade Wifi router to latest version. So, that you can get maximum from your Wifi hotspot.

3. Use Wifi Range Expander:

This method can be used to increase power of signals of your Wifi. Wifi Range Expander basically receives the signals and retransmit it to maximum range. So, you must put your Wifi router at edge of existing Wifi signals to boost strength of Wifi signals easily.

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4. Set transmission power to highest:

Most of new network adapters are having some great features like transmission power changer. So, if you have one of latest network adapter which has option to set transmission power, then you must set its transmission power to highest to get most of juice out from it. You can also try to reposition your Wifi adapter to get more signals easily.

5. Use third party softwares like DD-WRT:

DD-WRT is one of best program to boost Wifi signal. The reason which I put it at end of post is that it does not support all kind of routers, so its not recommended to use this program. Another reason is that it can kill warranty of your WiFi router. So, you must use this program with precautions and safely. But, We recommend you to avoid this method as its risky.

6. Update Firmware

It is one of finest method to boost signal of your WiFi easily with couple of clicks. Check manufacture website of your Wifi chip and Download updates regularly to keep performance of your WiFi adapter perfect.


So, it was all about how to boost wifi signals. The methods which we have listed above are most effective method to boost WiFi signals. Though, there are some other methods as well like repositioning Wifi router to boost your Wifi Signal. So, if you liked this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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