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Compare Best Driving Schools in the UAE

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Are you planning to get a driving license in Dubai? Find out which schools you can enrol in and the average cost to get a license.

Are you planning to get a driving license in Dubai? For first time learners, you’re required to join a driving school and pass a series of tests to get your permit. According to Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), out of the 1,800 students who went for the final road test daily, only an average of 630 passed. Getting a license can get costly if you don’t account for all costs involved before enrolling in any of the driving schools.

In the UAE, the minimum age to drive is 18 years. There are five authorized driving schools: Al Ahli Driving School, Belhasa Driving Centre, Dubai Driving Center, Emirates Driving Institute and Galadari Driving School. Make sure you go through the breakdown of fees charged by different schools and compare costs in order to save.


How Many Classes Do I Have To Take?

Costs of getting a license will also depend on the number of classes you’re required to take. Beginners have to enrol for 40 classes, but if you have another country’s license which is two to five years old, you’re required to take 30 classes. If it’s more than five years old, you will only have to take 20 classes. Keep in mind, it’s also mandatory to take eight theory classes before you start with your practical classes.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

To start with, you will be paying fees for opening your RTA file and registration. This varies between AED 900 to AED 1,100 and includes the cost of your learners permit and RTA handbook. Other costs will include lecture fees, theory test, internal assessment, road test, license issue, and practical driving classes. Depending on the driving school you select any number of classes, the overall cost will range between AED 3,630 and AED 6,395. Keep in mind, if you fail your first road test, there will be an additional charge of eight classes, school administration fees and road test.

So, if you’re looking for a driving school, below is information on driving schools in the UAE and the average cost of getting a license. Keep in mind, the below fees are for regular classes over weekdays for automatic light motor vehicles. For other class timings or vehicle types, the cost will differ.

Cost For First Time Learners: 40 Classes

Driving school Admin fees+lecture fees+assessments 40 classes Total fees
Galadari Driving School 2630 2000 4630
Al Ahli Driving School  2610 2200 4810
Dubai Driving Centre 2650 2400 5050
Belhasa Driving Centre 2735 2400 5135
Emirates Driving Institute  3795 2600 6395

Existing License (Two to Five Years Old): 30 classes

If you have an existing license from another country which is two to five years old, you will pay the following for 30 classes:

Driving school Admin fees+lecture fees+assessments 30 classes Total fees
Galadari Driving School 2630 1500 4130
Al Ahli Driving School  2610 1650  4260
Dubai Driving Centre 2650 1800 4450
Belhasa Driving Centre 2735 1800 4535
Emirates Driving Institute  3795 1950  5745

Existing License (More Than Five Years Old): 20 Classes

For those who have a valid license from another country which is more than five years old, 20 classes are a requirement. Below is a breakdown of the average cost.

Driving school Admin fees+lecture fees+assessments 20 classes Total fees
Galadari Driving School 2630 1000 3630
Al Ahli Driving School  2610 1100  3710
Dubai Driving Centre 2650 1200 3850
Belhasa Driving Centre 2735 1200 3935
Emirates Driving Institute  3795 1300  5095


Keep In Mind…

  • If you prefer night or weekend classes, you can opt for them at a higher cost.
  • Female students who wish to have their classes with male instructors are required to sign a NOC and pay an additional charge.
  • If you happen to fail the road test, you will have to pay for eight extra classes along with paying for the road test which costs AED 290.There will also be a service fee charged by the driving school.
  • Most driving schools in Dubai offer pick up and drop off facility, while some may charge extra for far-flung areas.
  • You can also compare on the basis of additional facilities offered by the driving schools. Some of them include separate waiting lounges for females, day care facilities for kids and bus services to the closest metro station.
  • Don’t forget to check for special offers such as discounts for students or discounts on your credit card. For example, use your FGB credit card to get an 8% discount on regular courses at Emirates Driving Institute. You can also convert these payments into easy monthly instalment plans.
  • Also, check some Institutes providing an option for “Refer a Friend”  with this you can earn from every successful referral.

Documents required for a driving license in the UAE 

  • Passport and Emirates ID
  • No objection letter from the sponsor
  • Eight photos


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