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Computer’s Common Problems and Solutions by rafomac

We people are facing some common problems while using computers. Some of those problems are, Computer slow, Computer virus attack and etc. if we have the basic knowledge of the computer, we can solve those problems.

So let’s see some common problems of the computer and the solution for it.

Computer is very slow now, than the earlier days. So we’ll see how to increase the speed of the computer.

Method 1

When your computer is started, some programs start to run automatically. Because of this reason, the speed of the computer may get slow.

You can remove the unwanted programs which are running in the Start up. By doing this, you can increase the speed of the computer.

How to do this Process?

Click Windows Key + R

Run Window will appear

In that window, type msconfig

then click OK.

System Configuration window will appear now.
In that window select Startup tab.

Now remove all the unwanted program 

Then click OK.
Method 2
Remove unwanted software which are install in your computer.

Click Start
Click Control Panel
Select Programs and Features

If you remove the unwanted software from your computer, you can increase the speed.

Method 3

Click on My Computer
Right Click on C Drive
Select Properties
Then Click on Disk Cleanup

Now Disk Cleanup window will appear

Tick the Unwanted files in Disk Cleanup and delete all the temporary files. By doing this disk cleanup, there is no any problems occurred to the computer.

Then click OK.

Method 4

Click on Start
Select All Program
Select Accessories
Then Select System Tools
Now Select  Disk Defragmenter

By following the above cleaning methods, you can increase the speed of your computer easily.

Another common problem is Error Display.

If any wrong done in your computer mistakenly, a particular program want work and that shows an error message. If that error message is shown,

How can you solve that problem?

Click on Start
Select All Program
Select Accessories
Then System Tools
Click on System Restore

Now System Restore window will appear.
In that window Select Choose a different restore point.

Click Next.

A window will appear.
In this window, select a day before 2 or 3 days from the present day.

Click Next
Then click Finish

After doing this your computer gets restart. After restarting, the problem which occurred will not display again.

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