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Free Cell Phone & Mobile trackers online apps 2015

Cell phone which is basic requirement of every people.On other side, keeping our mobile or cell phone safe from stealers is one of the challenge to people. So, We are sharing free cell phone trackers today. If you want to your device to be safe from stealers, so you can use below apps / sites to trace your mobile phone easily without any kind of problem.

Selecting free cell phone trackers can be a great issue, as you don’t know whether the app on which you are trusting blindly even works or not. So below, We Dreamy Tricks is sharing best mobile trackers online 2015.

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Free Cell Phone Trackers 2015:

Mobile Phone Trackers for Android:

1. Mobile Location Tracker:

Mobile location tracker is one of best android app to track your mobile phone, if you lost it or it gets stolen.This app will show your current location in one click and will track your location and where you have visited in past. So, This app is must try app who want to track every info about their cell phone location.

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2. Mobile Tracker for Android:

This app is one of amazing app which you can use to trace your android mobile easily. This app functionality is a bit different. This app can send alerts as well as SMS to your mobile number once any new sim is entered into mobile phone, so you can trace location of that mobile number easily. Some of great features of this app are 4 Contacts setup, so that it will send 4 sms to different background once SIM card is entered into your mobile phone which got stolen.

3. Android Lost:

Android lost is one of new and best app to track your android mobile easily. This app needs some basic settings like firstly you have to activate the app – Android Lost using SMS from your mobile number. (Though it will share you 1 Re :p ) It has some other awesome features as well like Wipe Data, Send SMS, Lock Phone and many other features remotely for free. Best part of this app is that it allows you to activate GPS as well remotely which can be life saver application to track your lost android mobile as it will help you to get exact point location easily. You can download Android Lost from Play Store

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Cell Phone Trackers for iPhone:

1. FindMyiPhone:

As there is no app available for iPhone to track their lost iPhones. But company has pre-installed a tracker software which you can use to track your iPhone or Lock your iPhone and some other things like:

  • Activation Lock: It is used to prevent your iPhone to be used by any person.
  • Remote Erase: This feature is also very life saving. You can delete all data of your iPhone online easily without any kind of problem.

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Cell Phone Trackers for Blackberry:

1. Blackberry Tracker:

It is a web based GPS client from blackberry, which you can use to find your Blackberry phone which is lost. Some of great features of this service are:

  • Live Tracking: This feature of this service is simply amazing. You can get live details about phone location.
  • Tracking History: You can also get all route details of history easily without any kind of issue. One can see path of your phone between two dates.

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This was all about finding out your phones if it gets stolen or lost easily without paying high amounts to companies. Above listed apps are free to track your mobile phone. For Android we have some cool third party applications to track cell phone online free. But for Blackberry and iPhone You can use default pre-installed feature to trace mobile phone free.


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