Saturday , March 6 2021

How to create a text file in a folder finder on Mac OS

The simplest version does not require a file or folder to be selected, and adds a keyboard shortcut of your choice.

Part 1: Create a new Quick Action (was Service)

In Automator, create a new Quick Action:

enter image description here

From the left site, click Utilities then drag “Run Applescript” over to the right panel.

Change the two pulldown menus at the top of the right panel to read:

Replace ALL the purple script with:

Save the Service as “New Empty Text File” (.workflow extension will be added automatically).

This service is now available under the Finder menu in the Finder.

Part 2: Create a Keyboard Shortcut

Under System Preferences › Keyboard › Shortcuts › Services, scroll down to General (it’s at the end).

You will see New Empty Text File listed with “none” as the shortcut.

Click on none and type the shortcut of your choice (I used cmd alt N):

enter image description here

You can now type your shortcut in the Finder whenever you want to create a new, empty, text document.

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