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How to create a text file in a folder finder on Mac OS

One of the features I liked the most when I was a Windows user was the ability to create a new file right from the context menu that appeared when I right-clicked on any blank space on my screen. When I switched over to Mac, I found the feature to be missing, and creating a new file then took many more steps than what they were on a Windows computer.

Fortunately, though, there is a way to easily create a new blank text file in any folder on a Mac. In fact, there are two ways to do so.

Using an Automator App to Create a Blank Text File in Any Folder

With this method you are going to use Automator to create an app that will then help you create a new text file in any folder you want.

1. Launch Automator.

2. When Automator launches, select the “Applications” folder in the left panel for saving your application, and click on “New Document” to create a new application.


3. Automator should ask what type of document you would like to create. Choose “Application” by clicking on it, and then click on “Choose” at the bottom.


4. Now, drag the action named “Run AppleScript” from the Actions panel, and drop it into the workflow panel on the right.


5. You should be able to enter an AppleScript in the workflow panel. Copy the following script, and paste it into the AppleScript box on the right.


6. Click on the “File” menu on the top, and select “Save…”


7. On the following screen you will be asked to enter a name for the application and where you would like to save it.


As for the name, you can enter anything you want. For the file location, make sure the “Applications” folder is selected.

Also, the “File Format” drop-down menu should be set to “Application.”

Click on “Save.”

8. Use Finder to open the “Applications” folder on your Mac, and drag and drop the app you just created onto the Finder’s toolbar. Here’s what it will look like.


9. Now that the app is sitting in the Finder’s toolbar, you can go to any folder on your Mac and create a new blank text file there with a single-click.


To do that open a folder where you want to create a new text file, and click on the app icon in the toolbar. It will create a new text file with the name “untitled” in the folder you are currently in.

10. You can now double-click on the file to edit it in your favorite editor and add whatever content you want to it.

That was the easiest and fastest way to create a new blank text file in any folder on your Mac.

If you would like to use Terminal and do not mind following a few extra steps, follow along below.

Using Terminal to Create a New Blank Text File in Any Folder

1. Select the folder where you want to create a new text file by clicking on it in the Finder.

2. Click on the “Finder” menu on the top followed by “Services,” and select the option that says “New Terminal at Folder.” It will open a Terminal window in the current working directory.


3. Type the following command into Terminal and press Enter. You can replace “MyFile.txt” with whatever name you like, as it will be the name of the file you are going to create.


4. The file will be instantly created and saved to your chosen folder.



If you would like to have the ability on your Mac to create a new text file with a single-click as you would do on Windows, the guide above should help you.

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