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How to remove Shortcut Virus from PC & Pen Drives

Today We Dreamy Tricks is sharing best and easiest method to remove shortcut virus from pen drive or any other storage devices like memory card, flash drives or portable hard disk etc. Most of guys are facing problems that, they can not access files which was in their pen drives or flash drives. Some popup gets opened every time when We open any file. Dont Worry, Today We are sharing guide to remove shortcut virus from your Computer as well as from Pen Drives.

Types of Shortcut virus:

So, there are two types of shortcut virus which can affects your pc.

  1. Pen Drive Becomes a Shortcut : First condition is this in which Pen Drive become a shortcut and some times you can access files of it easily but sometime you can’t even access your pen drive.
  2. Files & Folders of Pen Drive becomes Shortcut : This is one of most common situation when a user can access folders but unable to access files which is present in their storage devices.

So below, We are sharing all methods to fix these shortcut virus easily. You can try any method which you think is easy.

Method 1) Remove Shortcut virus using CMD

So, You can remove shortcut virus easily without downloading any external tool or software and It is recommended for guys who have basic knowledge of Command Prompt or who has slow internet connection.

  1. First of all, Open Command Prompt. To open Command Prompt, press Windows + R.
  2. Enter CMD into Run box and Click on OK or press enter.
  3. Now, Find out the Drive letter of your Flash Drive or any external storage devices.
  4. Note that, We will consider Drive Letter as F, so edit given commands accordingly.
  5. Now, Enter “F:” (without quotes and press enter).
  6. Paste this command now – “attrib f:*.* /d /s -h -r -s” (without quotes) and press Enter
    how to remove shortcut virus from pc
  7. If everything went right, then shortcut virus will be removed from your PC.

Method 2) Remove Shortcut virus using Notepad

This is one of easiest method to fix shortcut virus easily without any kind of problem.

  • Open Notepad and Paste this code:

@echo off attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.* attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.* attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive-Name:*.* @echo complete

  • Simply, Replace Drive Name with name of your external storage drive which is suffering from this virus.
  • Now, save this file as DreamyTricks.bat (Or any other name you want, but make sure to choose extension .bat).
  • Now, Open this file and Restart your Computer or laptop.
  • Shortcut virus will be removed from your PC.

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Method 3) Remove Shortcut virus using Software

For this software to work, you need to download Shortcut Virus Tool which you can download from here. This is best Shortcut Virus Remover Software.

  1. Open this tool and Select Pen Drive.
  2. Now, from white box select Pen Drive or Hard Disk which is affected from shortcut virus.
  3. Click on Scan button.
  4. After that, it will show you shortcut virus.
  5. Click on Delete and Shortcut virus will be removed from your Pen Drive.


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