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Script to buy Redmi Note 4G easily 2015

Trick to buy Redmi Note | Script to add Xiaomi Redmi Note to cart

So guys,

Today We Dreamy Tricks is writing a post on hottest mobile of this month, Hope you get me. That is Redmi Note, its best mobile by popular China’s brand Xiaomi which has earned the lot of popularity since last year. After, getting  such a successful demands and popularity for another Xiaomi handset that is Redmi 1s.Most of you can find the result for the trick to buying redmi 1s from flipkart, but we are sharing the trick to redmi note from flipkart. By using this trick to buying redmi note, I am assuring you that, you will definately get your note. So, guys, let’s move to the features and procedure on how you can add Redmi Note in your cart easily in this tough competition line :p.

script to buy redmi noteSpecifications of this Xiaomi Redmi Note :

  • 1.7 GHz octa core processor.
  • 5.5inch IPS HD display.
  • 3200 mah battery.
  • 13 MP rear camera
  • 5MP front camera
  • Mali 450 GPU
  • Dual SIM :p

Pre-requisites before adding Redmi Note:

  • High – Speed internet connection to make success chances to 99%
  • Google Chrome
  • A little mind

How to add Redmi Note to your cart:

  1. First of all, open this page and Register yourself for buying Redmi Note – Click here
  2. Now, tighten your belt and become ready till 30th of December with all above pre-requests.
  3. Now, these are following steps, what you have to do on 30 December on sale day of Redmi Note.
  4. Bookmark this page, so that you can follow below steps to buy Redmi Note
  • Just, open this link – Click here , before 5 mins of sale.
  • Note : You must have to use Google Chrome to make sure that script works perfectly.
  • Press F12 from keyboard  and paste this code :

setInterval(function(){ $(‘.jbv-buy-big’).trigger(‘click’); console.log(‘Working.. Dont press any key until we add your phone to your cart.’); },10);

  • Is F12 button broken? Don’t worry. Right click on mouse, select Inspect Element and click on Console and paste the script there.

trick to add redmi note to cart

Hit enter.

Voila, its added to your cart.

So how this script works?

This script simple tries to click on the buy button at the time period of 20 millisecond. So, this script will add Redmi Note to your cart within 20 milliseconds, after the availability of Buy button.

I have tried my best to make this tutorial as simple as possible so that you can easily buy Redmi Note.

Note that you can also buy Redmi 1s using this script 😉

Hope, you liked my post.


  1. Trick to buy Redmi Note
  2. Script to buy Redmi Note


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