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4 Must have Google Chrome extensions for Facebook Addicts

Google Chrome is one of the most popular Web-browser out there, and Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Google chrome offers many extensions, which help you to get more work done in less time, and especially if you are a power Facebook user, there are many cool Facebook extensions for chrome, which will help you to improve your over all experience.These chrome extensions can make your daily tedious tasks easier than ever.

Chrome Extensions for Facebook Addicts

There are thousands of extensions available for Google chrome at their webstore. Depending upon the task to be performed, you can choose any extension suitable for you. Today, I am going to share top 5 Facebook extensions for Google chrome. These extensions will surely increase your productivity while Using Facebook and fully customized environment on Facebook can also be created according to your choice.

Useful Facebook Google Chrome extensions:

Facebook for Chrome

It is the top rated Facebook extension on chrome web store with more than 700,000 installations. You can access your news feed, messages, photos etc. in a popup form without entering the url of Facebook. The good thing is that there is no need to open new tab for accessing Facebook, you can get notifications and updates while doing other tasks. In order to use this extension, you first have to give privileges to their Facebook application to access your notifications.

Facebook extension Google Chrome

Bulk Images downloader

As the name suggests, this chrome extension is capable of downloading bulk photos from Facebook albums as well as from other websites. There is no need to download every single image from Facebook album. There is no option available on Facebook to download mass images but this Google chrome extension can do this task by grabbing all the images from a webpage just by a single click. Interesting thing is that all the images will be downloaded with their original sizes. You can even select different formats of images to be grabbed from the web page.

 Bulk Image Downloader Facebook

Facebook Video Downloader
Normally people use Internet download manager to download Videos and other media files online. But when it comes for Facebook, there is no such option available by IDM for downloading videos from Facebook. So, I found this pretty simple chrome extension that can grab video files from Facebook and enable users to download them with a single click. It can automatically detect and grab videos of different formats like mp4,flv etc. embedded on websites. This extensions is also capable of downloading videos from other websites like metacafe, dailymotion etc.

 Download Videos from Facebook

Photo zoom for Facebook

Are you too lazy to open and close images again and again on Facebook? There is a cool application available for Facebook on chrome webstore. This extension comes up with an amazing photo zoom feature. Now whenever you want to see any image in full size, just move your mouse cursor over that image and the fully zoomed image will be there for you. This Photo zoom feature is also working for photos that are not clickable due to privacy settings.

Facebook Photo Zoom Extension

These are some of the best chrome extensions for chrome, and if you think I missed something, let me know via comments.

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