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7 Best Apps Like ShowBox for Android (Our Favourite)

Mobile phones these days not only serve as a means to communicate but also double up as personal assistants what with all the various tasks they can perform. People now also enjoy watching movies and other media right on their handsets, especially when on the move.

Since you’ve landed on this recto, we’re guessing that you are well aware of the ShowBox app. Not familiar? Well, ShowBox is a free app that let’s you watch all sorts of content including the latest movies TV shows, news, and sports events, in very high quality across devices such as Android, iOS, PC, Apple TV, PS4, and more. What I personally love about the service is its beautiful UI, which is as sophisticated and snappy as that of a paid app.

Sadly, many users have faced issues with regards to slow servers given that ShowBox is hugely popular and has tons of users streaming videos at the same time. This can lead to buffering and other errors. Hence, we’ve listed out the best alternatives to ShowBox that you can get on your Android device –

1. Popcorn Time:

popcorn timePopcorn Time is a movie/TV streaming app that I personally love due to its sheer ease of use and an extensive library of content containing all the latest titles. Unlike other streaming apps, Popcorn Time works as a cross-platform BitTorrent Client software, with an in-built media player. The title you pick to play, downloads pretty fast and enables you to watch it without any buffering. The app offers several video quality options (including HD), along with subtitles wherever possible. What stands out for me are the well thought-out content categories and a multi-language support, which ensures a personalized experience. That said, one issue that I keep running into is frequent crashes. Let’s hope that they fix it soon!


2. Terrarium TV:

terrarium tvTerrarium TV is an app that I promote amongst my social circle all the time! This service boasts of an enormous content catalog, filled with movies as well as TV shows, both, old and new which are incredibly easy to browse. It works a bit differently compared to Popcorn Time in that it indexes streaming links to the media you’ve selected to watch from the www. Usually, there aren’t many issues as far as buffering is concerned but its recommended to use links from Google Video, CDN Fast Server, Streamango, and Afdah since they’re a lot faster than the others. Similar to Popcorn Time, Terrarium TV also let’s you watch content in HD, with or without subtitles. The best part? It has a wide range of device support other than Android including Chromecast and Fire TV Stick.


3. PlayBox HD:

playboxIf you are looking for an app that not only performs like ShowBox but also resembles the service (except for its blue color scheme), then PlayBox HD is worth a try. This widely popular app allows you to stream all types of content including movies, cartoons, TV series, anime in up to HD quality for free. The UI on this app is as simple to use as on ShowBox so if you’ve used the latter then figuring things out will barely take a couple of minutes. Aside from Android, the app can also be used on an iOS device.


4. Movie Box:

moviebox for androidYet another app with the look and feel of ShowBox, Movie Box enables users to not only stream TV series and movies but also download them (select titles) in HD. Similar to ShowBox, this app also features categories like Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, Favorites, and more, to make it easier to navigate through a large repository of content. Though the app is overall very pleasant to use, a factor that really bothers me while using this app is that you’re forced to watch the trailer of a movie/TV show before it begins playing the actual content. This can get annoying when using the app for longer periods of time.


5. CinemaBox:

cinemaboxCinemaBox sports a super attractive design and layout that performs equally well. This app is a solid contender to ShowBox by virtue of its vast collection of all the newest TV and movie releases available for streaming in HD. A feature that I think many users will appreciate is the “Kids Mode”. As the name suggests, this mode allows users to keep their kids off of any content that they may deem as inappropriate for children. Also, much like Movie Box, CinemaBox also let’s you download select content for offline viewing. Aside from Android, the app supports platforms like Apple TV and Google Chromecast.


6. MegaBox HD:

megabox hdMegaBox is also loved by a lot of entertainment fiends by virtue of its close semblance to ShowBox. Be it the interface, the design, the content, or any other features, the two services are quite alike. MegaBox is said to be backed by a solid server that eliminates any issues related to slow load times and lags. This means that you can enjoy a smoother streaming experience. But, the speed will also depend upon your internet connection. You can stream content in various resolutions including 360p and 720p, based on the speed of your Wi-Fi.


7. Crackle:

crackleNot comfortable using an unofficial service with a legality in the grey area? Sony Crackle is a great option that’s totally free and legal. It features a host of good quality movies and TV series across genres like Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Crime, Horror, and Action. The content is sourced from big industry names like FOX Digital, The Walt Disney Co., Warner Bros., Universal Studios, and the like. The best part? This service is available in 21 countries around the world, in three languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



In this article, we’ve listed the ShowBox alternatives that I personally love to use. However, you might also want to check out a few other notable apps like Sky HD (not the one owned by BBC), Hubi, Movie HD, and Bobby Movie Box.

All the apps mentioned above function well; in the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences in terms of design, interface, speed, and video quality. Note that many of these apps contain ads given that their services are available for free. That said, it isn’t much of an issue once you get used to it. Also, bear in mind that similar to ShowBox, its alternatives also may not be legal (except Crackle) in certain countries. Therefore, it’s advisable to subscribe to a reliable VPN service to avoid any kind of legal hassles.

In case you’re wondering how to download the apps if they’re unofficial, its super easy. All you need to do is click on the links mentioned under each app, download its APK file on your device, install, and launch the same. Before doing so, ensure that you have given permission to install files from unknown sources from under Settings.

Let us know your favorite app in the comment section down below!


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