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9 Best Instagram Repost Apps For Android & iOS Users

Who does not love reposting on Instagram? We all are head over heels in love with social media forums that allow us to express our hearts out. Be it a simple bike ride of a nearby highway or a lavish and extravagant trip to Europe, you have the platform of social media to let the world know of your all and sundry errands. Sharing our thoughts, photos, videos have become easier than ever via such things and if we are talking about social media, we cannot miss our beloved Instagram. Flaunting a daunting figure of 500 million active users daily, Instagram has an ace up the sleeve.

The app has gone under many modifications since its roll-out to provide the users with an easy and friendly app. However, Instagram has respected copyright and credit issues and therefore toes the line vis-a-vis this aspect. As a result users cannot share the posts they see on Instagram, unlike Facebook and Twitter. There is no question of questioning the robustness of Instagram features, but certain issues have displeased the users. Previously, users had to take a screenshot of any post that they liked and then they could share it via alternative modes. However, today a number of apps have sprung up to simplify this process and have made it easy to repost or regram on Instagram to enjoy such features. Users have climbed the bandwagon and have been using such apps like never before. The reasons are all obvious!

best instagram repost apps for android & ios

Take a look at some of the best repost apps of Instagram before you decide one for yourself.

9 Best Instagram Repost Apps For Android & iOS

Repost For Instagram By Red Cactus LLC (For Both iOS & Android)

repost for instagramiPhone and Android users will definitely agree with me that this app is the best thing for all the avid users of reposting. Repost For Instagram is best Instagram repost app and has not slipped even the slightest from the top-notch spot for several reasons, for several users. I find that the advantages of using this app are two-fold. Firstly it keeps the ads at bay, so no unwanted, annoying ads can creep into your phone off their own accord. Secondly, the app does not ask you for a separate log-in and also does not add on any watermarks. Therefore, from the point of view of a user, using this app is like having a win-win situation.

This app has got everybody on their toes and more and more number of people is rushing into using it. Its features and ease has got it to taste quick success and has become the favourite of most of the Instagram users. Users can have some limited customisation features such as modifying the placement of repost credit to top, bottom, right, or left. If you wish to have the credit on the back burner, only the Pro version lets you do that by hiding the credit completely. You are also given the option of choosing the dark or light theme, as per your will.


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Repost Via Instant (For Both iOS & Android)

repost via instantThis app is another favourite of Instagram users and is loved for its easy user interface. The app has seen millions of downloads from Google Play Store in a short span of time. You can save your videos and photos straightaway in the gallery and post them whenever you feel like. It floats a simple copy paste repost process. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best Instagram repost apps 2018.



InstaRepost (For Both iOS & Android)

instarepostOkay. I will call a spade a spade! This app lacks many features as compared to other apps, but is the best when you talk about the ease of use. There are bountiful videos available online, so check out some videos to learn the drill of using this app. All those people who believe that they are tech-handicapped or if you find apps and related stuff gets on tenterhooks; InstaRepost will simplify your usage. It is the best app for new users and beginners. Its ease is its best feature.

The app allows you to keep videos and photos in the internal storage of your device. To use this app you must have the official Instagram app installed onto your device so that you can share it on other networks. The only problem with this app is that it puts a watermark on the photo so as to credit the original person who posted it. Another downside is that it puts an “InstaRepost” watermark on the photo. The app is more susceptible to the intrusion of ads as compared to other apps. You might also have to fork out some pennies if you wish to use the locked features of this app. So, get going and try it.



Ezrepost+ (For Android)

ezrepost+This app sports some interesting and cool features for the users to enjoy. You can easily download any photo or videos from Instagram feed and repost them without the hassle of copying the share url. The app also does away with the need of copying the url to allow users to Regram directly. You can get this app from Google Play Store and repost feed, photos, likes, followers, among other things.


Repost for Instagram (For Both Android & iOS)

repost for instagram

Repost for Instagram by Regrann is the best choice when you use Mac or iPhone. This app can also be used by Android users. However, many Android users have complained of bugs of this app and as such there is no dearth of better alternatives.

This app simplifies reposting of images and also gives credit to the publisher. So, you can say that this app is the apple of users’ eye for umpteenth reasons. The ads are filtered and there is no need of a separate log-in. What’s more, you can use this from Instagram itself. The cherry on the cake is that this app does not place watermarks. By the dent of all these reasons, the app boasts a great rating of 4.9 on iTune store. The Android store rates it a little lower at 4.6 but the app has still beaten other competitors long behind in the race.



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RepostWhiz App (For Both Android & iOS)

repost whiz app

This app was the first app that allowed reposting of videos on Instagram. Created by Garry Garris, this app held all the aces and became one of the best repost apps for Instagram. However, the app got a major blow by Instagram in 2016 and can no longer be downloaded from iOS app store. You can still find it in the Android Google Play Store. The Instagram and Android apk users will notice that this Repostwhiz App is not functioning as it has gone out of commission and displays error during its usage. The app however, floated on advanced functionality by allowing users to download photos and videos. The users can also repost or regram on Instagram. Your photos and videos will be displayed directly in your gallery.



Repost and Save for Instagram (For Both Android & iOS)

repost and save for instagramRepost and Save for Instagram is a premium app but still finds a mention as one of the best Instagram repost apps. It can be easily surmised by its name that the app lets you repost as well as save Instagram posts. The app is very simple and easy to use. Like InstaRepost, here also you have to spend some money to unlock some of the very basic features. So if shelling out a few bucks is not a setback for you, the app becomes a great option for you.

However, I would like to point out that the app does not offer any extra features when pitted against other apps and many of its extra features can be received by buying the paid version of the free apps listed above. It does get edge over other apps in one aspect; it lets you repost Instagram stories and allows you to save videos and stories. This feature is barred by most of the other apps. All in all, this app offers a bunch of features that makes it a wonderful choice.



Rensta (For Android)

renstaThis is another app that serves reposting directly from a user’s Instagram account. You do not have to copy the URL and instead just select the photos which you want to repost. It gets along well with your device and exhibits a notification on your smartphone. It functions as an easy and fast android app for downloading, reposting, and regramming.


Reposter (For Android)

reposter for instagramThis app has also been praised by the Instagram users who are avid and frequent reposters. The app lets you repost or regram things directly on your Instagram account without any hassles. You just have to copy paste and repost. You will not find any headache in reposting via this fast and user-friendly app. You can get it from Google Play Store.


Final Words

After perusing this post, you will be able to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of some of the best Instagram Repost apps and choose one for your device wisely. You will now be able to understand which apps entail paying some money and which do not, before you install the wrong option. So, all the displeased users who abhorred the repost-bereft Instagram have now got a reason to like Insta.


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