Tuesday , March 5 2024

Get iPhone 7 for Dh600 with a Mobile App… try your Luck with Rafomac

Yes…. This is true….Only of 40 Luck guys….

Visa Impossible deals has sent out the following message to all it’s participants today. The iPhone 7 offer for AED600 is part of the Dubai Shopping Festival – DSF 2017.

The users have to

First to download Rafomac App …. ha haha no need just joking….

Download CAREEM App today and enter Promo Code AL900G06EN



Be 1of40 CAREEM users to get an apple iPhone 7 delivered to you for AED600 (RP:AED2599) Download/use CAREEM today, follow instructions.T&C apply.OPTOUT DSF 6992


The deals are limited and will be delivered on a first-come-first-serve basis but are available only to Visa cardholders.

Users must install the Careem App and select the “Visa Impossible Deals” option and book using the “Ride Later” option at 2:00PM on Every Friday.

More Details as follows….


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