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Google Adsense new feature Ad Balance for 2017 – All you should know

Use Ad Balance to Focus on Your Best-Performing Ads [Increase Adsense Earning]



Google AdSense has changed their user interface and the new user interface looks nice and user-friendly. You can see your CPC, RPM, and CTC comparison on the homepage for day and yesterday. Just after 10 days, they have added another feature for the publisher. Which will allow you to set the % of ads rate you want to display.Suppose if your estimate earning is 100% of displaying 70% of potential ads. So why would you display 100% ads and still earn 100%?  Instead of that you can set the display ad to 70% and get more valuable and high-profit ads for your content. This will increase your AdSense earning to next level.

Ad balance feature is designed to focus on your best-performing ads, besides that the high-value ad will be there for you that will suit your content. The advertiser will get the content of his choice and your content will get suitable high-value ads.

Focus on your best-performing ads

Therefore in the end user will get the best user experience and you will get the best amount of your content. So everyone will be glad about the result in the end. Now a question comes to the mind, how you will enable this feature? So let’s see the steps.

How to Use Ad Balance to Focus on Your Best-Performing Ads

Open your Google AdSense and make sure you are using latest user interface. If you are on old UI just click on “TRY THE NEW ADSENSE”.

On the left-hand side just tap on my ads. There you will see ad balance option just click on it.

ad-balance adsense

Now it’s on you how many % of ad fill rate is enough for you.  Like I said before if 80% ads are enough to give you 100% estimate earning then you should select that. If you are comfortable with 50% ad fill rate and your estimated earnings is 97% then that’s also not a bad deal. Because that 97% earnings will be the highest paid ads for you. This will cut down the low-cost ads and will show only high profitable ads for you.
Always remember you can experiment different value and see the difference and always make sure if you are experimenting wait 1 week to change. So then you can compare two different weeks, not days.

As we all know Google search engine care about their content searchers and AdSense care about their advertiser. So they don’t want the site to show ads only. They also need content for visitor and related ads that suits your content.

So hope you got the idea to the use the Ad Balance option on AdSense to Focus on Your Best-Performing Ads. If you are still confused you can write your question below and I will give you reply as soon as possible.

Finally….. This is what i did….

Quality Ads only with some excuse in earnings… but it’s really good for users….to avoid crap ads… Hope you like it….

Comment your feedback… I really Love to know more….Thanks for Visiting….

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