Saturday , December 2 2023

How to hide all Desktop Icons on Windows 7


Sometimes, you may need to hide icons on desktop screen on Windows 7 computer. For example, while someone is looking at your computer screen, you can quickly hide all icons on desktop to keep things confidential. Few users prefer neat desktop view to relish desktop background wallpaper in full glory – which can be easily achived by hiding all desktop icons. Thankfully, hiding icons on desktop on Windows 7 computer is very easy single click routine.

Hide desktop icon with ‘Show desktop icons’ option

1. While on the desktop screen on your Windows 7 computer, right click on empty space on the desktop. This will open right click menu with lot of options.

2. Point to View option and then click ‘show desktop icons’ option. Make sure you uncheck (no tick) this ‘show desktop icons’ option.

To display all icons back, click to check (with tick) ‘show desktop icons’ options. You can only hide or unhide all desktop icons in one go. There is no option to selectively hide specific icons on the desktop. In that you can remove and delete specific icons from the desktop, which you do not want to display.

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