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How to Save YouTube Videos to Google Drive

How to save YouTube videos to Google Drive? Do you know how it can be done? I know you are not aware of the steps to take. That’s why you are here, reading this article. YouTube is the second popular search engine in the world. Whenever we have any doubt in academics or something, the first thing we browse is nothing but YouTube (at least, I do it). Sometimes, we don’t get time to watch longer videos. The only thing that can be done is browsing and checking out whether or not it matches our needs. Recently, we have also shared how to trace mobile number with exact name and location.

Another occasion we need to save YouTube videos to Google Drive is as a YouTuber. If you have been uploading videos for a while, chances are you don’t have every single item of it locally. By knowing how to save YouTube videos to Google drive, you can backup it to cloud and retrieve whenever a need arises.

How to Save YouTube Videos to Google Drive


Google is very generous that’s why they give 15 GB free cloud storage. After passing over this limit, you have to pay in order to use extra space.

So, now you are waiting for the tutorial on how to save YouTube videos to Google Drive, right?

I have divided the tutorial into several sections according to the tools used.

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#1. Using Google Takeout

Google has provided a dedicated tool to save your YouTube videos to drive. That means you can’t save others’ videos. It is very useful for those who are uploading YouTube videos periodically and lost some of them.

Follow the steps given below to know how to save YouTube videos to Google Drive.

Step 1: The very first thing is to visit Google Takeout page. You can do it by clicking the link given here.

Step 2: On that page you can see several things. If you want to backup data from your other Google services’ account, it can be done by selecting Show more products.


But now we are not going to use it. Instead, click on Next.

N.B. – All the YouTube data will be saved including your uploaded videos, subscriptions, history, etc.

Step 3: Now another tab will get opened with two things to do. The first thing is selecting the file type. Three file types are there- .zip, .tgz and .tbz. The three of them are archive file formats. And, you will not have any problems with them as far as you own a zipping utility.


I am selecting .zip here as it is the most convenient zipped file format.

Step 4: Then, you have to select delivery method here. Four options are here to use- Send download link via email, add to Drive, Add to DropBox and add to OneDrive. The last three allow you to add YouTube data to save on cloud.


You know what to select, don’t you? Yeah, you should choose Add to DropBox.

Step 5: Click that Create archive button given down below. According to the size of your uploaded videos, the completion time may vary. If any of your entire data is more than 2 GB, Google split the file in such a way that each one weighs 2 GB.

Check your Google Drive account. There will be a folder called Takeout in which, all the data are saved.

You now know how to save YouTube videos to Google Drive, right?

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#2. Using Google Drive Extension

Every browser has its own limit like any OS. The limits of OS can be overcome by desktop software and utilities. Similarly, browsers become more functional with third-party extensions installed. You have to be careful not to install a lot of extensions as it will affect the performance.

Here we are going to know how to save YouTube videos to Google Drive using an official Chrome extension called Save to Google Drive.

Step 1: The very first step is to install the extension. You can install it from the Chrome web store. Click here to go to the installation page.

You can see a blue Add to Chrome button. Click on it to get the extension added. It may take a few seconds (depending upon your internet connection speed) to download. As soon as the downloading finished, you can see a Google Drive button on the toolbar of the browser.

Step 2: Now, go to the YouTube video page you want to download. Two downloading options are there- either you can download the entire web page for the future usage, or you can download the video file only.


In order to download the whole webpage to Drive, click that button given on the toolbar. Again you will get choices. Five main options are there to save the page- image of the entire page (.png), image of the visible page (.png), HTML source (.html), web archive (.mht) and Google document.

But as we are going to save the video to Drive, you don’t have to use this option. Just right click on any media (let alone video), you will get an option ‘Save to Google Drive’. Click it.


Step 3: As a first time user, you need to authorize the extension to use details from your Google account. It’s no brainer.

Step 4: After the authorization, you will see the progress of saving.


Whenever it gets finished, you can name the file.


Hurray! You know how to save videos to Google Drive now, I hope.

You can find a bunch of other extensions which serves the same purpose. But you should be more inclined towards this one as it comes from the official Google team.

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Wrapping up How to Save Videos to Google Drive

I hope this tutorial answered your query completely that you will no longer ask how to save videos to Google Drive.

The steps given above are simple, and it can be done within seconds. If you have any doubt regarding this tutorial, you are free to let us know anytime via the comment form, given at the bottom.

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