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How to Transfer Large or Big Files for free over the Internet by rafomac

Not anymore, You don’t need to Register for a file sharing site for you to be able to send any form of files over the internet. Sending larger files online is now made easy with a couple of Online file sharing site that allows and gives free access to anyone on the internet to use their services for free. Most online file sharing site that makes it a must for registration before use in most cases do spam its Users email.

In this article, i am going to list out Online file sharing sites that allows anyone on the internet to send, receive and download Large files via email attachment for free and without registration.

List of File Sharing site that Allows Free Sending and Receiving of Large files:


Justbeamit allows anyone on the internet to send, receive and download large files online through email for free without registration. Use their Drag and Drop Uploading style or use their so called Old School way and get your files uploaded. After you must have finished Uploading, you’ll be provided a Private Download link which you can send to your friends for download.

Note that when uploading your files to Justbeamit, you must stay on page, if you don’t stay on page, your uploading file might got Broken and you have to start all over again. allows anyone online to send any kind of large files online for free But your Uploads will be limited to 100MB per uploads. Use their drag and drop or Add File button to upload your file, move to step 2 to add your recipient’s Email Address and Click the button, SEND NOW. Registration is not a must but you might get more free services if you register.

Note that your Uploaded file will expire 5 days to the day of upload but you might change it if you register.


This File sharing site has been around for a while now and it’s easy to use. They have a solid free service. You dont need to download any software before use because everything is web-based. YouSendIt offers a variety of delivery options and packages for individuals, businesses and corporations. Their free account has a limit of 100MB, no need of registration and they also offers some File tracking options.


You find most people who sends files online using the Dropbox. Drop box is really cool, gives unregistered Users 2G of free space for Uploading and Sending of files Via email but you’ll be given 100GB if you are on the Pro Version. You can also sync your files online and across computers with Dropbox. Try their Pro Account for 14 days FREE.





–  DropSend









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